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Havana is home to UCI, a High Tech University that trains students in the field of computer science.

UCI graduates are the cream of the crop. They are comparable to Stanford Grads (but without the tuition payments due for 20 years) UCI grads provide support & innovation for the Cuban computer industry and work for the biggest government agencies and companies in Cuba.

"What really surprised me was how advanced the Cuban Tech Sector is without the modern infrastructure we all take for granted. The people I know in Cuba are smart without the Silicon Valley attitude. All in all they get the job done to spec at a fraction of the cost. I'm very pleased to have discovered Cuban Tech Talent."
Mark Armstrong
Internet Entrpreneur

Google Opens First Cuban Location

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Havana, Cuba is the hottest new destination to combine business with pleasure in the Caribbean.

Cuba. It’s been forbidden fruit-off limits for U.S. Citizens for longer than you have been alive.

Cuba is home to one of the most educated populations you’ll find in the Americas. Lots of smart,¬†motivated people know how to code.

Not having network American TV looks like it might have been a big plus.

Cubans lining up to purchase Internet Access Cards in Havana, Cuba.

The $2.00 per hour rate is roughly equivalent to 10% of the average Cuban's monthly salary. 10%! Imagine, if YOU had to pay 10% of your monthly salary to log on to Internet for JUST 1 HOUR! How much would that be?



Imagine getting your projects done under budget and ahead of schedule.

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If you should ever want to come to Havana and visit your team, You will have the time of your life. Habaneros (residents of the city of Havana) know how to party as hard as they work.